Response and Recovery

Ensure business continuity in the face of security challenges

Security incidents are a reality of modern business and our services for response and recovery aims to minimize the damage caused to your business in such an eventuality.​

We help you plan so that you are ready to reduce recovery time and costs for your business with proactive measures and apt use of technology.

Why Response and Recovery?

  • Reduce Losses

Prepare teams and systems so that loss to the business is minimized

  • Fast Recovery

Quickly recover your systems and ensure lower downtime

  • Contain and Prevent

Limit the damage caused and prevent future incidents

What we offer​

Incident Response

Minimize security risk for your business

We help you create roadmaps and put in place the right systems, allocate roles and responsibilities to appropriately respond to security incidents. Our experts play a central role in taking mitigative action to reduce business losses due to security issues. ​

Digital Forensics

Effectively handle digital evidence

We use advanced tools and techniques to preserve, identify, extract and document digital evidence in case of any security breach. This information is critical to ascertain the cause and motive of a breach as well as in taking responsive action to minimize risk and prevent future incidents. ​