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Your Reliable Zero Trust Security Solution For All Endpoints

Imagine your network endpoints mission critical servers, desktops & laptops as the gates to your digital kingdom. Cyber villains are constantly devising cunning schemes to breach these gates with their ransomware and malware. Traditional defenses? They’re like using a wooden shield against a laser beam. Enter the IronKlad! We arm your endpoints with cutting-edge protection, turning them into fortresses that fend off even the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

Mitigate the risk of data breaches and ensure peace of mind with IronKlad. Considering the average data breach costs $9.48 million in 2023, it becomes apparent that investing in superior protection is critical for ensuring business continuity.

Incorporating IronKlad into your cybersecurity arsenal provides your organization with state-of-the-art, zero-trust security. Protect your endpoints and enhance your security with IronKlad’s unmatched detection and response capabilities.

Endpoints—computers and devices used to access the network, including servers, laptops, tablets, or phones—are excellent entry points for cybercriminals. As hackers master sophisticated ransomware and malware, traditional endpoint security measures have become increasingly ineffective against advanced ransomware and malware threats. The financial repercussions of data breaches are staggering, with an average cost of $3.86 million in 2020. 

To help organizations effectively prevent and mitigate security issues, we’ve designed IronKlad – a Zero Trust enforcer for 360° endpoint protection.

IronKlad’s endpoint protection solution helps you monitor your devices based on security rules, going beyond traditional antivirus patterns.

Core Capabilities of IronKlad

Lightweight threat intelligence
Non-intrusive threat intelligence deploys in minutes with no business disruption.

Allow only company-sanctioned applications
Reduce organizations’ attack surface by only allowing company-sanctioned applications within the company network.

Control process rules
Implement strict rules to detect and prevent behavioral attacks on the system.

File to application - Ransomware protection
Complement AV tools by mitigating zero-day attacks and advanced malware such as ransomware.

Device control
Employ device and USB controls to prevent infections and fortify endpoints by tightly controlling device access and permissions.

Network behavior
Effectively detect and stop data exfiltration by monitoring and analyzing network behavior.

Why IronKlad?

IronKlad delivers multi-layered protection for endpoints

Effortless Security Solutions: IronKlad offers both cloud-based SaaS and on-premises options, providing 24×7 security without the hassle. Whether you prefer cloud convenience or on-premises control, implementing top-tier security has never been this easy! 

Adaptive Security Levels: IronKlad tailors security measures to the type and purpose of each endpoint, ensuring customized protection.

Streamlined Threat Detection: Spend less time chasing false positives. IronKlad boosts your efficiency, focusing on real threats.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supports major operating systems, ensuring seamless integration across different environments.

Legacy Systems Security: Securely lock down legacy desktops and servers running unpatched software to ensure they remain protected from potential vulnerability exploits.

Quick and Easy Management: Deploy and manage agents across multiple endpoints within minutes, all from a centralized platform. Minimal configuration, maximum efficiency. 

Universal Device Protection: From ATM kiosks to medical devices, IronKlad is your one-stop security solution for all purpose-built machines across various industries. 

Proactive Security Measures: Enhance overall protection with IronKlad’s use of whitelisting, blacklisting, and configurable security rules. 

Zero Trust Security Model: IronKlad follows a Zero Trust model, granting access only to company-sanctioned applications. As a major technology disruptor, IronKlad adapts to constant technological advancements, ensuring unyielding protection. 

Who Can Benefit From IronKlad

IronKlad is a versatile security powerhouse, built on a Zero Trust model to proactively secure diverse and legacy operating systems. It’s perfect for companies looking to boost their security without breaking the bank. IronKlad shines in enterprises managing thousands of endpoints, making it a top choice for financial, retail, healthcare, and general-purpose industries.

With easy centralized deployment, managing security across all your devices has never been simpler. IronKlad ensures robust protection, helping you enhance your security posture efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Success Stories/ Case Studies

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