Risk Identification​

Identifying threats before it’s too late

The biggest challenge in cybersecurity is determining what to protect and how. Risk identification is a moving target, as the field of cyber security evolves constantly making every threat new. ​

Our proven methodologies developed with years of expertise help you identify gaps in your systems and assess potential risks that can affect your assets.

Why Risk Identification?

  • Be Prepared

Identify threats to your business, both internal and external

  • Protect your Business

Identify weak spots and plan for action to prevent possible attacks

  • Make informed decisions

Get the right insights about risks to your business to avoid costly mistakes

What we offer​

Gap Analysis

The vital first step in cybersecurity

We systematically check the current systems, policies, and procedures across your organization and compare them against required security standards. We determine if any missing security controls need to be established. ​

Risk Assessment

Helping you be informed and prepared

We identify, evaluate, and prioritize the risks that can threaten your organization’s viability. We help you safeguard organizational assets by providing valuable advice on how to address these potential threats ​