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X360 Fusion

A Comprehensive 24×7 Managed SOC Service

In a world where technology rules and cyber threats lurk around every corner, MSMEs and start-ups need a superhero on their side. Enter X360 Fusion – our cutting-edge Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution! It’s a platform provided as a service for clients looking to expunge the possibility of exploits that might go unnoticed by taking on board the threat diagnostic capabilities of our expert cybersecurity professionals.     

The X360 Fusion leverages the threat intelligence & real-time monitoring capabilities of our in-house Security Operation Center (SOC) to add another dimension to your cybersecurity infrastructure! It is the perfect blend of precision, robustness and tailored innovation that is designed to keep your organization’s IT stack safe & secure!   

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Choose X360 Fusion and experience a new level of cybersecurity that’s not only effective but also incredibly cost-efficient and customized just for you. With the X360 fusion, you’re not just secure; you’re future-proof.

Features that make X360 Fusion a class apart

X360 Fusion Services

Protection Across Layers

Adopt our SOC services to detect threats across all layers, extending beyond your endpoints for unparalleled protection.

Custom Rules

Leverage the power of over 2,500 platform and in-house built rules, ensuring no suspicious activity goes undetected and no threat actor breaches your ecosystem. 

Comprehensive Reports

Receive detailed security telemetry reports, enabling your security teams to take timely and appropriate remediation actions. 

Unmatched Support Services

Benefit from customized SLAs tailored to your needs, with our SOC team working 24×7 to protect your assets, even while you sleep.

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Who Can Benefit From X360 Fusion?

X360 Fusion is perfect for anyone needing top-notch security threat detection and incident response. Our platform integrates multiple security products seamlessly, creating a unified security operations system that covers all your digital ecosystem needs. At the heart of this platform is our in-house Security Operations Center (SOC). If you’re in the market for a platform that can offer protection across multiple digital layers that extend beyond endpoint security, then our SOC team is exactly what you need!   

By leveraging X360 Fusion’s powerful capabilities, our SOC team effectively monitors, detects, and responds to threats, ensuring an impregnable shield against cyber-attacks. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, X360 Fusion provides the comprehensive security framework you need to stay protected.

Benefits of X360 Fusion


AI/ML-Based Detection & Prevention

X360 Fusion uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to block unknown, Polymorphic malware and Ransomware before execution, adding an extra layer of security to your system.

Cloud-native Design

Cloud-native Design

Developed with a cloud-first approach, X360 Fusion is highly scalable and built for performance. This ensures seamless integration with your cloud environments, adapting to dynamic business needs.

Efficient Case Management

Efficient Case Management

Our template engine simplifies case management and boosts collaboration between SOC and CERT analysts for faster and improved threat detection and investigation.

Osquery Advantage

Osquery Advantage

X360 Fusion leverages the powerful capabilities of Osquery to cater to various security, compliance, and operational use cases. Built by a worldwide open-source community, Osquery significantly enhances our platform’s capabilities.

Success Stories/ Case Studies

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We have server-side Threat Intel DB along with IoC checking.

Yes, it can be used to block malicious applications.

Yes, X360 Fusion can replace Antivirus.

Yes, X360 Fusion can deploy the entire setup in-house/cloud.

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