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Response and Recovery

Modern organizations must have advanced Response & Recovery technology to address security incidents and minimize their business impact. A well-planned Response & Recovery approach encompasses IT incident management, IT disaster recovery, business continuity, crisis management, and operational resilience.

At ParadigmIT Cyber, our Response & Recovery team supports a wide range of capabilities to help you proactively plan, prepare, and respond to security incidents, ensuring reduced recovery time and costs by strategically using the right technologies and services.

Why ParadigmIT Cyber Managed Security Services?

We prepare your teams to minimize business losses in the event of a security incident, reducing financial and operational impact.

Our team ensures quick recovery of systems, minimizing downtime and restoring normal business operations promptly.

We help limit the damage caused by security incidents and implement preventative measures to mitigate the risk of future incidents.

We offer a clearly defined incident response framework, governance, and escalation pathways, promoting rapid and efficient response to security incidents.

Our Response & Recovery capabilities span business and technical concerns, leveraging cross-organizational capabilities and the right skillsets.

Save the costs of establishing and maintaining an in-house security infrastructure and hiring dedicated personnel for incident response.

What ParadigmIT Cyber Offers?

Incident Response

We assist in creating roadmaps and implementing the right systems to respond to security incidents effectively. We allocate roles and responsibilities, ensuring a coordinated and swift response to mitigate business losses caused by security issues. Our experts play a central role in taking mitigation action, minimizing the overall security risk to your business.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

We use advanced tools and techniques in digital forensics to preserve, identify, extract, and document digital evidence in the event of a security breach. The insights gained help determine the cause and motive of the breach, enabling responsive actions to minimize risk and prevent future incidents.

Success Stories/Case Studies

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ParadigmIT’s Incident Response Service provides a comprehensive and proactive approach to managing and responding to security incidents, helping organizations minimize damage and recover swiftly.

Yes, our experts work diligently to contain the incident, isolate affected systems, eradicate malicious activities, and restore normal operations as quickly as possible.

ParadigmIT’s Digital Forensics Service provides comprehensive expertise in data recovery, root cause analysis, and other digital forensic services to investigate and analyze digital evidence.

We utilize advanced techniques and tools to perform thorough root cause analysis, identifying the underlying factors contributing to security incidents or data loss, enabling effective remediation.

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