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CyberSecurity CockPit – A Pilot View

    CyberSecurity CockPit | You might have seen a cockpit either in the real world or in the movies which offers visibility to the front and sides and also houses the pilot(s) and other crew members. In simple words, the cockpit of the plane is the section where the pilot and the co-pilot manage the aircraft.

    What is a Cockpit and its functions?

    The cockpit is the section of an aircraft where all the data about the aircraft and the flight is transmitted to pilots via screens. The aircraft can be manually managed within this section. It uses the existing communication system and all the information about the plane is sent to the control towers through this system.

    How is it linked to Cyberspace?

    You might be thinking why I am linking this to the Cybersecurity space. Imagine a situation where a CISO was given access to a cockpit where he can view the patch status of systems connected to the network, a dashboard where he can clearly view the list of vulnerabilities and their status at any given point of time, and unauthorized devices connected till date, etc. It will be an awesome feature for a CISO to have in handy.

    Is there any such requirement?

    Single dashboards can surely assist in achieving compliance against Industry standards like NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO270001 etc. These types of dashboards will also create confidence at the senior level and board level which could indirectly help in business growth.

    Incidents like Log4J and WannaCry had created a storm of highly exploitable vulnerability which created a panic in the client world where there was a demand for immediate response. In such a case, a CISO or senior management can confidently handle the situation by providing the statistics by utilizing the dashboard (cybersecurity cockpit).

    Benefits of having such a dashboard :

    • Compliance and best defense
    • Asset management of the wide range of enterprise networks will be done with ease
    • The time lag between the incident and response will be minimized
    • Whole overview of patch management at a single point
    • Monitor Services of the End-Points
    • Fetching live Processes from machines
    • Determining unwanted Applications/Services not only at a technical level but also Executive level

    Does this kind of feature exist in the cyber world?

    We may not say completely “No” to this but there is a gap to fill. Collectively by merging the feeds from different tools we can achieve to meet these requirements.

    Do we have any such software?

    Yes, 360-View from Paradigmit Cyber, A ultra-light sensor brings greater visibility and efficiency to your organization with insight, manageability and security, as security begins and ends at the endpoint which provides below features:

    • Comprehensive Asset management – CMDB.
    • Process view and resource performance monitoring.
    • Configuration Management.
    • Software Management.
    • Vulnerability and Patch Management View.
    • Hardening boundaries checks.
    • Trigger based IOA, IOC monitoring.
    • MITRE, NIST, CIS and more Control Live Watch.
    • 100% flexible checks based on custom policies.
    • Incident Response – single source of truth.

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