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Deconstruction of Security-as-a Service

    How to choose the right Third-Party partner for your cybersecurity needs?

    Much of the global market in contemporary times has been defined by the ability of third-party service providers to expand their suite of offerings to include specific, core functionalities that can be leveraged by organizations that aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel. Moreover, attempting to develop every business requirement internally is often not feasible from a financial and resource capacity point of view. both financially and resource intensive. Enter the concept of “as-a-Service” products that offer diverse solutions tailored to specific needs. These services are provided by companies that have developed their own proprietary versions of the required functionalities that they lease out to other businesses as benchmarked solutions.

    Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) is one such model that has gained global traction in recent years as it eliminates the need for building an in-house team of cybersecurity experts while also safeguarding digital assets from various forms of threats. From threat detection and incident response to compliance management, SECaaS provides a holistic solution for protecting sensitive data and maintaining operational resilience.

    What is Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)?

    Security-as-a-Service (or Cybersecurity-as-a-Service) is the offering of specific security services that can be used by organizations that are looking outsource their cybersecurity infrastructure. SECaaS is usually a cloud-based model that serves to present itself as a scalable, cost-friendly alternative to an in-house security team. There are several services that could be included within a SECaaS package such as:

    • Data Protection
    • VoIP Security
    • EDR
    • SOC
    • Database security
    • Network security
    • Incident Response tools
    • Email security
    • Asset management
    • Penetration testing
    • Threat intelligence consultancy.

    These security services can be offered either as a subscription-based model or pay as you go model, depending on the scale of utilized services. The simplest way to look at the need for SECaaS would be to understand the fact that as the hybrid work model becomes more popular in the corporate world, the concept of a traditional organizational perimeter loses relevance, and thereby availing cloud-based services enable extension of cybersecurity services across multiple devices that are distributed across multiple locations.

    Core Principles and Key Components of SECaaS

    While the exact services offered by third-party vendors as SECaaS can vary, some of the ethos, core principles and key components tend to remain the same across providers. These include:

    • Scalability: Security-as-a-Service solutions should be flexible, robust, and dynamic enough to be scaled up or down based on the requirements of the client. If the shoe can’t be made to fit the user, then the user will shop somewhere else.
    • Customizable aspects: There is no one shoe fits all policy in the realm of cybersecurity. Every business will need something specific that is unique to the nature of their internal operational setup. Therefore, it becomes imperative that SECaaS products should be customizable so that they can be tailored for each client specifically.
    • Multi-Tenancy: SECaaS providers often serve multiple clients simultaneously. Multi-tenancy ensures that each client’s data and resources are isolated from others, maintaining confidentiality and integrity.
    • Round-the-clock monitoring: Security threats can emerge at any time, so SECaaS providers typically offer continuous monitoring and support services to detect and respond to security incidents promptly.
    • Automating Security Routines: Leveraging a cloud-based security service is often a more lucrative option, if it can offer the ability to automate day-to-day security tasks, scans and routines. This ensures that organizations are leavened of the burden of focusing on the operational complexities and can instead be intimated by the SECaaS when there is something important.
    • Zero-Trust Capabilities: The best purveyors of SECaaS that are staying ahead of the curve of emerging threats are those that adopt Zero-Trust Capabilities at every level. This approach is only made possible when the security team is external to the organization.
    • Enhanced IoT protection: With specialized protocols and monitoring tools, SECaaS mitigates the risks associated with IoT vulnerabilities, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data transmitted by connected devices.
    • Guaranteed expertise: By partnering with SECaaS providers, organizations can leverage the knowledge and experience of industry experts without the need for extensive in-house training or recruitment.
    • Integration of advanced technological capabilities: SECaaS integrates advanced technological capabilities, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and behavioral analytics, to enhance threat detection and mitigation. These technologies enable predictive analysis, anomaly detection, and adaptive security measures, fortifying defenses against evolving cyber threats.

    Importance of SECaaS in modern cybersecurity

    Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) has emerged as an all-important pillar for modern businesses by offering stakeholders a comprehensive and strategic approach to safeguarding their organizations against evolving cyber threats. Perhaps the importance of SECaaS in modern cybersecurity models can be highlighted by its adaptability to the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. This intrinsic aspect of SECaaS enables businesses to respond swiftly to emerging forms of attack vectors without expensive infrastructural investments.

    Moreover, SECaaS offers access to specialized expertise, empowering organizations to tap into the knowledge and experience of seasoned security professionals. This not only enhances the organization’s security posture but also optimizes resource allocation by outsourcing security management tasks.

    These cloud-based security services also end up simplifying compliance management by integrating regulatory requirements into its framework. Thus, organizations can be assured that their security protocols are in alignment with global standards and regulations by merely verifying the credentials of their service provider.

    In the modern world, where AI-based threats are running rampant and operational costs become the deciding factor for gaining a competitive business edge, SECaaS is a solution that ensures a commitment to cybersecurity at an affordable price.

    Challenges and Limitations to SECaaS

    Despite its many benefits, Security-as-a-Service is not a silver bullet solution by any stretch of the imagination. The increased prevalence of supply chain attacks can potentially be a cause for concern when adopting SECaaS solutions from vendors who aren’t equipped to handle these threats. For instance, by merely choosing a third-party service through an unsecured channel, threat actors have access to 4 vulnerable points within your network that they can use to compromise operational integrity.

    Traditional security solutions can be blindsided when malware piggyback their way into your organization’s network through the installer of the SECaaS. Also, with the reduced operational complexities, some versions of SECaaS can end up increasing your attack surface, as a cloud-based model can become a single-point source for compromising security for an entire network. Therefore, reputation, reliability, and commitment towards superiority in services are the most important aspects to consider before choosing a vendor as your security solutions partner.

    Remember, Security is a responsibility, and shouldn’t be perceived as a non-essential component of a business that can be given the short end of the financial stick over time.

    Why Choose us as your Trusted Partner for Security-as-a-Service Provider

    • Cost-Savings: Our offerings ensure that your custom requirements are met to the utmost satisfaction at a budget-friendly price.
    • Access to latest technology: Our team behind the scenes is committed to the values of Zero-Trust and adoption of latest technology such as AI & ML to ensure that our clients get the best protective services that can tackle emerging forms of cyberattacks.
    • Swift Response Times: Time spent offline equates potential profits lost. Our products & services when paired with our in-house threat intelligence team guarantee swift response times to cyber incidents.
    • Availability & Assurance of Business Continuity: By leveraging the capabilities of our Security Operations Center as a SECaaS, you can be assured that your data & digital assets are being monitored by experts trained extensively to be hypervigilant against anything resembling a potential threat.
    • Reduced Attack Surface provisions: By integrating our low-resource, agent-based solutions into your network as cybersecurity services, you can actively reduce the surface area of your organization that is vulnerable to attacks.
    • Consistency & Uniformity: We pride ourselves on our ability to address complex security challenges with a professional level of consistency & uniformity in results.

    Reach out to our experts to find out how our experts can give your cybersecurity infrastructure a digital makeover.

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