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 Optimizing Inventory Control:API9:2023


     API security is a vital component of software development, and identifying and correcting flaws is critical to protecting sensitive data. In this blog, API9:2023, with a focus on “Improper Inventory Management.” We’ll look at how to use Postman and Burp Suite to test, perform, and exploit this vulnerability.

     Understanding API9:2023 Inadequate Inventory Management:

     API9:2023 is a vulnerability described in the OWASP Top 10 API Security. Improper Inventory Management occurs when the APIs of an application lack adequate inventory and data management controls. This vulnerability may allow unauthorised access, modification, or exposure of sensitive inventory information, which could result in financial loss, reputational injury, or other security events.

    Postman is being used to test API9:2023:

     Postman is a robust API testing tool that may help you evaluate an API’s security. Follow these procedures to test for the Improper Inventory Management vulnerability:

     Step 1: Locate the appropriate API endpoint:

     Begin by determining the API endpoint in charge of inventory management. This endpoint will often perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on inventory-related resources.

     Step 2: Check for faulty access control:

     Send requests to the identified endpoint using Postman with various user roles, such as an authenticated user, an unauthenticated user, or a user with elevated rights. Examine the responses to see whether any unauthorised activities are possible or if sensitive inventory data is revealed.

    Step 3: Test for insufficient input validation:

    Submit requests with carefully crafted input values to validate the API’s input validation mechanisms. Try to bypass any restrictions on input, such as maximum quantity limits, and observe if the inventory is updated incorrectly or inconsistently.

    Performing API9:2023 Exploitation with Burp Suite:

    Burp Suite is a powerful web application security testing tool that can assist in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. Here’s how you can leverage it to exploit the Improper Inventory Management vulnerability:

    Step 1: Intercept API requests:

    Configure your browser to use Burp Suite as a proxy, intercept the requests going to the API endpoint related to inventory management, and forward them to Burp Suite’s Proxy module.

    Step 2: Analyze requests and responses:

    In the Burp Suite Proxy tab, you can examine the requests and responses sent between the client and server. Pay attention to the parameters and headers involved in inventory management operations.

    Step 3: Modify requests and observe responses:

    Using Burp Suite, manipulate the requests to perform actions that are not intended or authorized. For instance, attempt to delete inventory items without appropriate privileges or modify quantities beyond permitted limits. Observe the API’s response for any inconsistencies or unexpected behaviors.

    Step 4: Automate exploitation:

    Burp Suite allows you to create macros and automate repetitive tasks. Utilize the macro functionality to create automated sequences that can rapidly perform inventory management actions with various payloads and combinations.


    API9:2023 Improper Inventory Management is a serious flaw that can compromise the security and integrity of an application’s inventory-related capabilities. Developers and security professionals may easily test, discover, and mitigate this vulnerability by using tools like Postman and Burp Suite. It’s vital to note, though, that any experimentation or exploitation should be done within legal and ethical borders, with sufficient licence and consent. API security is a persistent challenge, and developers should proactively integrate inventory management measures such as authentication, authorization, input validation, and secure API architecture to mitigate these vulnerabilities. Organisations may improve their overall security posture and secure their important inventory data from potential threats by prioritising API security best practises.


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