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X360 Shield

A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Framework For Centralized Protection

Introducing X360 Shield, an all-encompassing cybersecurity solution designed to deliver real-time visibility and exhaustive control over your Windows assets in multi-cloud environments. It delivers a centralized view of your assets and applications and the ability to detect deviations from custom configurations and defined baselines. X360 Shield grants you total command over your digital assets, ensuring they remain within the secure operation.

X360 Shield is the ultimate tool for simulating any type of Breach Attack Simulation (BAS) on all endpoints, uncovering the resilience factor for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks. It is a SaaS solution offering a 360-degree view of the latest cyberattack patterns, 24×7 compliance, and risk monitoring with actionable intelligence. Additionally, its ultra-light sensor amplifies visibility and efficiency, providing insightful manageability since security begins and ends at the endpoint.

Core Capabilities of X360 Shield

Features of X360 Shield

Asset Management

Enables holistic asset management, including application management and discovery & configuration management. It delivers detailed insights into your hardware and disk resources.

Policy Management

Enforces stringent policy management with hardened boundary checks. It can flexibly tailor checks based on custom policies to create a robust defense system.


Provides swift incident analysis and breach assessment, complemented by thorough vulnerability and user management analytics.


Extends robust license management and discovery, live monitoring of various controls like MITRE, NIST, and CIS, along with gap analysis for compliance, risk, and threat parameters.


Facilitates optimal performance management, location security via GPS fencing, and seamless integration with SIEM and SOAR for tailored data collection while tracking process performance and resource usage.

Who Can Benefit From X360 Shield?

X360 Shield leverages a zero-touch SaaS solution, empowering large enterprises and MSMEs to swiftly assess their current risk and threat landscape in less than a day. Its  Single Pane of Glass (SPG) approach presents real-time analytics data derived from AI/ML models designed by cybersecurity specialists.

With no-human intervention dashboards and reports, X360° Shield provides actionable intelligence to guide your decision-making process. It conducts compliance checks, system hardening, Indicators of Compromise (IOC), Indicators of Attack (IOA), MITRE tactics, and custom rule checks across every system, ensuring a thorough and proactive approach to security.

Cyber Insurance Providers


IT & Network Security


App Owners


Benefits of X360 Shield

Actionable Risk Plan

Enhance your risk posture with comprehensive insights, including executive summary, risk score, asset inventory, implementation plan, and Log4j exposure analysis.

Risk Vector Analysis

Assess your risk posture through system vulnerability and compliance assessment, lateral movement analysis, data exposure review, and encryption protocol evaluations.

Compensating Controls & Asset Criticality

Identify endpoints lacking controls like credential guard and antivirus and comprehend the criticality level of assessed assets.

Cyber Hygiene Metrics

Gain insight into asset inventory, patch status, risk exposure, running applications, and unused software for improved cybersecurity health.

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)

Operationalize threat intelligence and the MITRE ATT&CK framework for purple teaming. Test and improve security controls across the cyber kill chain and evaluate the efficacy of existing cybersecurity measures via custom attack simulation.

Success Stories/Case Studies

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No, the X360 Shield agent is ultra-lightweight, taking minimal space on the drive with negligible Processing power & Memory.

Yes, the X360 Shield agent should be installed with admin privileges.

Regardless of signatures, X360 Shield can stop ransomware or malware based on the policies applied in the organizational Devices.

Yes, based on the organization’s IT structure agent can be pushed if there is remote command execution or remote script can be executed.

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