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X360 Fusion

A Robust Zero Trust Security Model For 360 Endpoint Protection

Owing to rapid digitization and penetration of sophisticated technologies, MSMEs, and start-ups face numerous cybersecurity challenges. With multiple endpoints across an organization’s IT stack, enterprises lacking a robust cybersecurity solution are highly vulnerable. 

Since we understand these challenges, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution – X360 Fusion. Living upto its name, our X360 Fusion platform is a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the distinct needs of businesses of any size, providing them with a vital security infrastructure. It’s a powerful cybersecurity tool outperforming competitors like Splunk through a highly competitive, cost-effective pricing structure, promising high ROI and unmatched customer support.

Features that make X360 Fusion a class apart

X360 Fusion Services

Zero Trust Adoption

Enables holistic asset management, including application management and discovery & configuration management. It delivers detailed insights into your hardware and disk resources.

Endpoint Protection

Enforces stringent policy management with hardened boundary checks. It can flexibly tailor checks based on custom policies to create a robust defense system.

Advanced Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

Provides swift incident analysis and breach assessment, complemented by thorough vulnerability and user management analytics.

APM, File Integrity, and System Metrics

Our platform leverages a powerful template engine to create cases and associated tasks. The engine promotes collaboration between multiple SOC and CERT analysts for case investigation, providing a more holistic response to security incidents.

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Who Can Benefit From X360 Fusion?

X360 Fusion is a SaaS-based, vendor-specific security threat detection and incident response tool that integrates multiple security products seamlessly. This integration creates a cohesive security operations system, unifying all licensed components and delivering a comprehensive security framework for your digital ecosystem.

Paradigm’s Security Operations Center (SOC) lies at the heart of this platform. We employ X360 Fusion’s capabilities to effectively monitor, detect, and respond to threats, creating an impregnable shield against cyber threats.

Benefits of X360 Fusion


AI/ML-Based Detection & Prevention

X360 Fusion uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to block unknown, Polymorphic malware and Ransomware before execution, adding an extra layer of security to your system.

Cloud-native Design

Cloud-native Design

Developed with a cloud-first approach, X360 Fusion is highly scalable and built for performance. This ensures seamless integration with your cloud environments, adapting to dynamic business needs.

Efficient Case Management

Efficient Case Management

Our template engine simplifies case management and boosts collaboration between SOC and CERT analysts for faster and improved threat detection and investigation.

Osquery Advantage

Osquery Advantage

X360 Fusion leverages the powerful capabilities of Osquery to cater to various security, compliance, and operational use cases. Built by a worldwide open-source community, Osquery significantly enhances our platform’s capabilities.

Success Stories/ Case Studies

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We have server-side Threat Intel DB along with IoC checking.

Yes, it can be used to block malicious applications.

Yes, X360 Fusion can replace Antivirus.

Yes, X360 Fusion can deploy the entire setup in-house/cloud.

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